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Everyone has their own idea of how sit while meditating.  Probably the most popular is sitting upright with your legs crossed in the lotus position. But for me it is not about the position as the state of mind while meditating.  I do agree that in a sitting position might be more effective overall.  It seems like the energy flows better in that position.

I usually sit up in bed with a pillow at my back for support or on a firm couch where I can sit upright.  I hardly ever try to meditate lying down, because my mind seems to drift more often.  I suspect my body thinks I am about go sleep instead of meditate.  But I do try it from time to time.

I have a terrible time trying to  get my legs into the lotus position at my age so I often just plant my feet solidly on the ground.  My hands I have tried several things…. as you see in the pictures with your fingers in the OK position facing up, etc.  But I feel that the most effective for me is just down on each side with my hands cradled inside each in my lap.

It is most likely best to sit upright with your spine straight.  Find a comfortable position, one that you will enjoy the longest where your legs or arms will not fall asleep.  Other than that, the sky is the limit.

There are even people that meditate walking and even in the shower if you like.  I have even been successful taking short meditation breaks at the gym.  The key here is……. just meditate!