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Meditation breathing is an important key to calming your mind.  Our minds are constantly chattering about things.  Things in the past, things in the future and just mindless chatter at times.  Sometimes you imagine a scenario, acting out your role in an imaginary story of “what might be!”  The goal is to quiet your mind of all the chatter going on.  To still your conscious scenario’s.

Conscious Breathing meditation allows you to get “in tune” with your  breathing, without controlling it. Merely be conscious of the air going in and out of your body.  A rhythmic repetition of breathing in and breathing out.

Sit with your back straight if possible.  I prefer sitting up with my back supported with a pillow or chair.  Take 8 or 10 deep breaths, paying attention of the air filling your lungs and then out again. It is an automatic rhythmic pattern.  Keep your mind focused on the pattern.  Your chest going up and down.  The air going in and out through your nose.

Thoughts will enter your consciousness.  Dismiss them whenever you realize it.  Go back to concentrating on your breathing.  Tell yourself, “not now” or “I forgive you” and move on. Bringing yourself back to “center.”  Back to every breath you take.  Don’t try to control it, but rather let go and just follow it over and over again.  Be aware of the process.  Let your mind focus on this.  

At first your internal chatter will be more prevalent and you will have to check yourself and return back to your breathing.  But with time you will be able to concentrate more and more on your breathing instead of your chatter. Don’t beat yourself up about returning to the “noise” inside your head, just accept it and return to your concentration.  Blending conscious and subconscious minds together as one.

As you increase your practice it will become easier and easier to clear your thoughts into a state of mindfulness.  A great deal of joy within you will arise!