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Moment by Moment by Moment

For us to be present, truly present, we must try to dismiss those things from our past and our thoughts or ideas and try to concentrate on the only moment we really have. That is always this one. The moment right now. Meditating on this moment will help us to reclaim our present. And experiencing this moment will help us on the future, moment by moment by moment.

We need to be mindful of our current existance, the here and now. To pay attention to the current moment as if everything else depended on it. It is something we all have, inside of each and everyone of us. It is the ability to capture that moment, every moment, instead of dwelling on all the other distractions todays life presents us. Instead of dwelling on those things that have already past, in which we now have no ability to change, we dwell on the present moment with all of our existance.

When you are practicing meditation, try to concentrate on this moment. If it doesn’t work out, if your mind wonders, no problem. Now you have this next moment to work on. We have nothing but moments to live in. We can get caught up in other issues, problems, topics. Don’t worry about it. Just try to bring yourself back to the moment, concentrating on your breathing, or the sounds around you, or the smells around you. There is no agenda to pay attention to. If you wonder off just pull yourself back again and again, moment by moment. Don’t beat yourself up if you wonder off. It’s fine, we all do it. Our mind is a complex thing, that has hundreds things it is processing. Just embrace the awareness being open. Open to all that is happening around you. Thoughts that enter your mind, don’t acknowledge them. Just let them roll away like a leaf blowing in the wind. Don’t categorize it. Don’t acknowledge it. Just let it enter and blow away. Don’t try to force it. Don’t take anything personally. Embrace the stillness. Don’t let your thoughts go anywhere. Just rest in the awareness. You are bound to get carried away from time to time, just bring yourself back. Be aware, be awake and draw it all in. You aren’t doing anything wrong. You are just taking the journey. Just the fact that you acknowledge that you have wondered off shows that you are already back to the moment. Just try to experience each moment by moment by moment, time and time again.