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Beginning Once Again

Recently my life, aSkydive mes I knew it, came to a screeching halt. After 37 years of marriage my wife decided she wanted a divorce. It has been a roller coaster in the past year or so, but I believe I have weathered the storm. Thanks to my meditation I was able to center my mind and look past the pain and disappointment of my new situation. I purchased a new meditation chair and have spent many hours in deep meditation, trying to feel better about myself and my new beginnings. I do feel that without it I would have been a lot worse, obsessing at every chance, running that mental movie over and over day after day.

I have always had a bucket list, so to speak, and always told my kids that I would like to go sky diving. Well, after the divorce the kids did just that, bought me a tandem sky diving jump. Well, I never thought that I would every accomplish that item on my list. The fear factor was much too great! But, my son and my daughter decided that an appropriate day would be July 4th, Independence Day. How appropriate. So on July 4th 2013, my daughter and I had the most incredible experience together which I will never forget in my entire lifetime.

One thing that my meditation experience helped me with was to be centered and “present” in the moment. In the moments leading up to the jump, my adrenaline was surging and emotions high! I began deep breathing and centering myself for the jump. I was able to calm myself and meditate in the moment, taking in the entire experience. I will never forget this experience in the middle of one of the toughest times in my entire life, skydiving into a new beginning of my life!