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Healing Meditation

Nearly every time I begin meditating I use a healing meditation.  I begin by clearing my mind and breathing deeply.  I take several deep starting breaths, basking in the positive light and energy around me. I concentrate on the healing power of the breaths I take.  I imagine that every breath is taking the positive energy from around me and transporting that energy into the parts of my body.  Bringing in the good air and expelling the negative.

I will start with my brain.  Breath in and the positive energy and filling my brain with healing energy. Then I will exhale the negative energy my brain is holding.  I will go through each part of my body, concentrating on those areas which are aching or hurting.  Or just areas of interest.  If my knees hurt, I will concentrate on them for an extended period of time.  Filling my joints with positive energy and expelling the pain. Each breath will surround the area I am concerned about.  I draw from the surrounding, positive energy and light around me.

I will continue the process, concentrating on each part of the body I wish to heal.  When I get done with this practice, I will move on to another meditation method to finish my meditation for the day or period.