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Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is where someone, a teacher or meditation master leads you through a meditative process from beginning to end.  He or she talks you through each step and you follow along, visualizing each step of the way.

For beginners this is a fantastic way to begin meditation. It gives you a guideline, while you are new, in which to follow as you begin to grow in your meditation growth.  A blueprint for success.  I often reuse in my mind the process I have heard from previous guided meditation.  There are many guided audio tapes and videos that work just great. Some even free on the web.

When first starting, it is helpful.  Most of the problems a beginner experiences is the ability to clear your mine.  When you are using guided meditation, you can concentrate on the voice of your teacher. Concentrating on his every word. Going deeper and deeper into the recesses of your mind along with your guide.

There are many free and pay sites which provide guided meditation.  I encourage you to seek them out to find those which both fulfill you and guide you in your meditation evolution.