Healing Meditation

Nearly every time I begin meditating I use a healing meditation.  I begin by clearing my mind and breathing deeply.  I take several deep starting breaths, basking in the positive light and energy around me. I concentrate on the healing power of the breaths I take.  I imagine that every breath is taking the positive …

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Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation Guided meditation is where someone, a teacher or meditation master leads you through a meditative process from beginning to end.  He or she talks you through each step and you follow along, visualizing each step of the way. For beginners this is a fantastic way to begin meditation. It gives you a guideline, …

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Chakra Meditation

Another meditation is the Chakra Meditation exercise.  In this meditation you concentrate on the seven Chakras in your body.  Each Chakra is an energy center in your body in which energy flows through. When your energy is blocked your body cannot function normally.  Illness, stress can often be the result of blocked energy. To meditate …

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One minute meditations

One thing I try to do when things get stressed or out of control is to do a one minute meditation. We all get so busy with life that it is so hard to take time out to meditate. You may have some time that you DO meditate but sometimes you wish that you could …

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Music and Meditation

Meditation and Music

Music has always been a connection between mind and heart since its inception.  Music can stir the soul in ways that other things cannot.  Listening to music while meditation is no different.  When we listen to music we are transported to another dimension, a connection between our heart and our consciousness. The experiences of “rapture” …

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