Feb 13

One Minute Meditation

One thing I try to do when things get stressed or out of control is to do a one minute meditation. We all get so busy with life that it is so hard to take time out to meditate. You may have some time that you DO meditate but sometimes you wish that you could just escape and get away for awhile. That is when I use my one minute meditation.

It only takes a moment to close your eyes and try to catch that moment of NOW. To just set everything else aside and concentrate on just existing, now. To lay all that is going around you away for just even a moment can help tremendously.

Find a place, quiet or not that you can close your eyes and concentrate for a minute. You don’t need any special spot or get your body in any special position. Just keep your feet planted on the floor and keep your back straight and relax. Put your hands in a position that is relaxed and still. I prefer in my lap, cupped with one hand over the other. But you might prefer something different. At your side or on your lap with your hands extended upward.

Then concentrate on your breathing. Focus on the air flowing in and out of your nose. Try not to get distracted, but if you do, just go back to your breathing…… in and out…… your chest going up and down. Another thing I do is concentrate on a moment in time, that I have enjoyed in the past and focus on that event. It might be a beach you have been to. An event that was wonderfully fantastic. Or maybe a moment during your childhood that was soothing to you in your mind. I have several that I revert back to. I just put myself into that moment. Experience the sun on my face, or the moment in my mind. However so briefly, it is very rewarding.

When the time urge strikes you, open your eyes. It may have been a minute or several. It doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you took some time. Time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and went to this time, albeit a moment, that is satisfying to you. See how you feel at that moment. Refreshed? Relaxed? Exhilarated? Open minded? Whatever! It will be better than the moment before you tried!

The more you keep trying, the better you get at it. Try it at different times throughout the day. Different lengths if you can. The important thing is to take that moment to set your mind free, if only for a moment. That way your day can be filled with numerous “fantastic moments” where you are in the now, enjoying life!

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